Heating And Air Conditioning Information And Tips

If you are searching for HVAC Long Island NY, then that means you must be having some heating and air problems. Maybe your unit broke down or perhaps you are thinking about upgrading to a new one. Whatever the case may be, you probably have lots of questions and concerns. Heating and air conditioning units have become a major household appliance and the technology within these units has been upgraded dramatically from the old days. Replacing or repairing your heating and air conditioning unit is a major decision that you must take seriously. Below you are going to learn some information about your heating and air conditioning concerns.
Repairing or Replacing
If your unit has broken down, then you are going to be faced with the decision of repairing or replacing it. Many homeowners like to think that repairing the unit is the cheapest and easiest alternative, when in fact that might be the wrong decision. Of course, to most homeowners the cost of the repair is much cheaper than the cost of a new unit, but the homeowners are not taking into account the electrical consumption of the unit. A heating and air-conditioning unit that is older in age is going to consume much more electricity than a new unit. This in return is going to make those electric bills much higher. So when you factor in the cost of your electric bill that new unit is going to end up paying for its self.
New Freon
Another thing that many homeowners do not consider is the type of Freon that their heating and air unit uses. Chances are that if your unit is five years or older, it probably uses R-22 Freon. R-22 Freon is being phased-out, which means that the price is skyrocketing and soon you will not be able to purchase this type of Freon at all. Every new unit contains what is known as R-410A Freon. This Freon operates at much higher pressures than R-22, which makes it more energy efficient.
If your unit contains R-22 Freon and it springs a major leak, then you probably are going to spend a significant amount of money repairing the leak and replacing the Freon. There is a very good chance that buying a new unit would be much cheaper and when you factor in how much money the new unit will save you on operating costs, you will be much better off going this route. This is not to mention the fact that you will now be upgraded with the new technologies.
A warranty should be a major consideration of any heating and air unit. With any new unit that you buy you are going to get a ten-year parts warranty. This means that within ten years, if your unit breaks down you will not be charged for the labor or part. However, after the first year you will have to pay for a labor fee. You should consider the fact that many HVAC Long Island NY companies will offer you a wide variety of warranties, when you buy your new unit. For instance, for an additional fee you could purchase a ten-year parts and labor warranty, which means within ten years, if your unit breaks down you will not have to pay for anything.

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