Tips On How To Save On Your HVAC Usage

Owning a home can be a challenge, because keeping up with maintenance and repairs on your appliances and HVAC unit will require a lot of work. Of course, there are some maintenance issues that you may not be able to repair by yourself. You may need to contact HVAC Long Island contractors for these tough jobs and do not fret, because their repair fees are very affordable.

Weather Stripping

If you truly want to cut down on those energy wastes, you should keep your windows and doors shut, as much as possible, when your HVAC unit is in operation. You would be surprised with how much an air leak will cost you and these are often located around windows and doors. You should winterize your home each fall season, by using weather stripping. There are many different types of products you can use to seal those leaks including caulk and weather stripping. You can purchase these at any home improvement store.

Replacing Air Filters

You should create a schedule for replacing your HVAC filter. Most brands request that you switch them out monthly, which can be very expensive, but this is genuinely necessary to cut down on energy wastes. If you fail to replace your filters, you will notice a dramatic change in your air conditioner’s performance. A dirty filter will bog down the unit and make the motor work twice a hard. This alone will drive up your electric bill. If you want to cut costs on filters, you should purchase a permanent filter, which can be cleaned with a water hose.

Never Turn the Unit Off

Once you have turned your AC unit for the summer months, you should never turn it off, just to try and save money on your energy bill. Once your home heats up to a high temperature, your unit will have to work twice as hard just to bring the temperatures back down to a comfortable level. A high-quality programmable thermostat will help you save money, as well. Make sure that you set the temperature at a comfortable level in the summer months. Avoid making frequent temperature setting adjustments, because this can cause the unit to work overtime and drive up your electric usage.

Seasonal Inspections

Seasonal HVAC inspections can save you a lot of money in the long run, since the technician will be able to detect leaks and repair them, before disaster occurs. While it will cost an inspection and repair fee, if a leak is detected, you will be preventing a bigger problem. Remember that small leaks will only become bigger and can damage other components within the HVAC unit.

Attic Fans

If you do not have fans installed in your attic, you should consider doing so, because they can help keep your entire home cooler. By keeping the temperature in your attic to a minimum level, you will be decreasing the work on your AC.


Always change the air filter and schedule seasonal maintenance checks, because this will keep your air conditioner free of debris and leaks, while improving its overall performance.


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