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Our company has been providing reliable AC services in Long Island, NY for a long time. Whether you need to repair a system, install a new one, or maintain an old one, you can count on us. Remember that we serve Long Island and all nearby areas. Call today to find out whether we can help you.

We Offer AC Repair Services

Has something caused your air conditioning unit to stop working? Don’t delay fixing the problem. If you don’t fix it, there is a risk that you’re going to experience serious problems in the future. The hot temperatures in your area can be deadly if you don’t have a suitable air conditioner. We’re here to help because we’re fully licensed and qualified to resolve the issue. Our technicians are NATE certified so they can identify and fix the problem rapidly. We provide our clients with the following benefits.

  • Our repair services are reliable and consistent
  • Our professionals are qualified and certified
  • We do not inflate the price using hidden fees
  • We work hard to deliver fast repairs
  • Get your money’s worth thanks to our satisfaction guarantee
  • Our repair can make your home more comfortable
  • Your home will be cheaper to cool

Installing AC Units

When you’re ready to cool your home, you’re going to need a good air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, consumers cannot install air conditioning units on their own. We recommend teaming up with our professionals because we’re always here to help. We can install an AC system in your new home. Alternatively, we can help replace your existing AC unit. Since we’re Trane Comfort Specialists, you will receive full warranties and other perks. First, we’re going to evaluate your home to find out which system will match your needs perfectly.

We can also answer all your questions and create a schedule that works well for you. Call to schedule an appointment right now.

Maintenance For Air Conditioning Units

You’ve paid a lot of money to install your AC unit. Therefore, you want to make sure that it lasts. To expand the lifespan of your AC unit, you should properly maintain the system. Doing so will protect your investment, save money, and help keep your home comfortable. We’re here to help because we offer AC maintenance services. We can properly maintain your air conditioner to ensure that it works at maximum efficiency. When you use our HVAC maintenance services, you can sleep soundly knowing your system is going to last longer.

It’ll be less likely to experience a costly problem. We recommend signing up for our maintenance service and having your system maintained once or twice a year.

We’re Eager To Begin

Remember that our technicians are always ready to begin helping you. Whether you need repair, maintenance, or installation, you can depend on us. We offer satisfaction guarantees so you can guarantee that you’ll get your money’s worth. We also work hard for our clients and provide outstanding support. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re happy with our repair or installation services.

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