Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

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In recent years, many of our clients in Long Island, NY have decided to switch from conventional AC units to ductless mini-split AC systems. Doing so provides numerous benefits because the unit is smaller and equally efficient. If you’d like to switch to a mini-split AC system, call our office. We can install them for individuals in our service area.

Reasons To Pick A Ductless AC System

We believe switching to a ductless AC system will prove to be well worth it. When you pick a ductless AC system, you no longer have to worry about using space heaters or window AC units. Before installing one of these systems, we’ll make sure a ductless AC is right for you. Then, we’ll find out which unit will work best for you and your home. We offer a wide assortment of configurations to ensure that you’ll get the perfect setup for your home. In some situations, you should pick a ductless unit. If you’re turning your garage into another bedroom, a ductless system would be a good idea.

You can also use them for storage rooms, finished basements, new rooms, sunrooms, and pool houses.

Installing Ductless AC Units

Although these units are smaller than conventional AC units, they’re still difficult to install. If you think a ductless unit is right for you, we recommend letting a professional handle the installation. We’re always here to help you. The process is simple for an expert. For instance, we are going to drill a three-inch hole in your wall. The compressor will be installed outside before it is connected to a blower. Wires and tubes will be run through the new hole. When using this type of setup, you don’t need ducts.

Therefore, it is often easier and much cheaper to install ductless units. If you’d like to heat your home using ductless AC units, call our office. We’ll help you find a suitable unit for your home.

Common Features Of Ductless HVAC Systems

It is essential to realize that ductless systems are different than conventional units in many ways. They can provide endless comfort and a variety of other benefits. For instance, you can pick wall-mount or ceiling-mount units. Therefore, you can easily find a unit that will match the appearance of your home. As mentioned above, ductless systems can be installed quickly. It is often much easier to install a ductless unit when compared to conventional models. Ductless AC units are innovative so you can find models that can be controlled with a remote.

Others feature wireless thermostats. In addition to this, you can pick smart ductless ACs that can be controlled using an app on your smartphone. The majority of consumers pick ductless AC models because they’re energy-efficient. You’ll save money when using ductless ACs.

Take Advantage Of Our Ductless AC Services

Isn’t it time you considered switching to a new ductless AC system? Once you’re ready to do that, you should take advantage of our services. We’re always ready and eager to begin helping our clients. We understand that your unique situation is different from the situations of our other clients. Therefore, we’re going to customize a plan that works well for you. Plus, you’ll receive flat-rate prices and satisfaction guarantees. We’ll do our best to make you happy with the service we deliver.

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