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Residential Heating Service Provider Long Island NY

A heating system is vital for any home in Long Island, New York, where winter can be quite harsh. Malfunction of a heat pump will result in an unbearably cold home. It is unfortunate when homeowners find themselves in such a predicament when temperatures drop in the 20s. A malfunctioning heat pump is enough to prompt a call to the local residential heating service provider. With over 7.6 million residents, Long Island has multiple HVAC companies and contractors in operation year-round. None of these services can compete with our certified HVAC technicians.

We believe in our certified Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning “HVAC” technicians, which is why we back their work with a full customer satisfaction guarantee.

 Heat Pump Installation Service Long Island

When you decide it is time to upgrade your outdated heating system, with an efficient heat pump, we are only a phone call away. Our HVAC technicians are fully qualified to professionally install heat pumps, ranging between one and four tons. We will dispatch a certified technician to your home for an HVAC inspection. During the inspection, the technician will collect measurements of your entire home. The primary purpose of the measurements is to ensure the heat pump is sufficient for your home.

An improperly sized heat pump will not efficiently or sufficiently heat your home. Our job is to utilize the collected measurements to get a heat pump that will deliver heat evenly throughout your home. If a heat pump is too small, it will not heat the entire home. Temperatures in some areas of the home will be significantly lower than in other areas. This is guaranteed to result in a higher electric bill.

An oversized heat pump will also result in higher electric bills, humidity, and inefficiency.

Heat Pump Repair Service Long Island

Our technicians are skilled and experienced in heat pump repair. We understand there is little time to waste when a heat pump malfunctions. Our job is to diagnose and repair the problem in a time-efficient manner. To ensure the problem is rectified in as little time as possible, we stock our work vans with a limited selection of heat pump replacement parts. We stock refrigerant compressors, thermostats, blower fans, expansion valves, condensers, heat exchangers, reversing valves, and coils.

Heat Pump Maintenance Service Long Island

Heat pumps have a service of between 10 and 20 years, with an average service of 15 years. These high-priced appliances are crucial for residential establishments. Their primary function is to keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the spring, winter, fall, and summer.

Since heat pumps are so expensive, it is crucial to achieving a maximum service life. With routine maintenance, we can ensure your heat pump will deliver up to 20 years of efficient service.

Heat Pump Replacement Service Long Island

Once your heat pump reaches the average service life, it will be time to start considering replacement. Older units are no longer efficient in many cases, resulting in a higher electric bill.

We will replace your heat pump in a time-efficient manner. To learn more, contact our Long Island office to speak with one of our qualified HVAC technicians.

Our prices are fair and competitive for all heat pump services. We recommend starting with a free inspection to determine the genuine condition of your heat pump.

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