Duct Replacement

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The ductwork is one of the most underrated, yet crucial, components of the heating and air system. Because it is usually installed behind concealed spaces most homeowners don’t pay it much mind.

Unfortunately, that can be a huge mistake, as the ductwork of any home or building is a crucially complex intertwined system, responsible for the proper delivery of cold air and heat throughout the building.

This complex system needs upkeep just like the HVAC system itself. And that’s where our Long Island duct repair and replacement services come in handy. We’ve been in the business long enough to see every scenario possible.

From improperly designed systems to undermaintained ducts and animal infestations, we’ve seen it all. Not only have our techs seen it all, but they’ve tackled it all. Like the heating and air system itself, once that ductwork reaches 10 years of age or more, you can start expecting to see big problems.

Faulty Air Ducts

Malfunctioning ductwork can have a variety of effects on the home. Starting with inefficiency. Faulty malfunctioning ducts can cause your system to lose as much as 25% of its produced air. Just imagine how much more comfortable or effective your system would be if it was pumping out 25% more cold or hot air during operation.

Damaged ductwork not only affects the quality of life and overall efficiency of the unit but can create hazardous environments as well. Part of your system uses negative pressure to circulate air.

If part of this negative pressure side runs through the attic or crawl space and develops even the slightest of leaks, it could be sucking in that air and circulating it throughout the home. There is also the potential for mold development when the supply side (positive pressure side) leaks out cold air in warmer environments.

The best defense to prevent these situations is the same approach you would take with your system. Bring in a specialist regularly to inspect and maintain your system. We are more than well enough equipped to handle this.

We Are Here To Help!

You will likely be surprised at what our inspectors can uncover during a simple, routine inspection of the ducts. Anything from mold build-up to dirty ducts or a family of squirrels. We’ve seen and tackled it all. It wouldn’t be anything new to us.

Whether the solution is as simple as repairing and resealing the ducts or completely redesigning and relocating sections, these are tasks we are ready and equipped to handle. If you want your system to run as effectively and efficiently as possible, your ductwork not only needs to be sized correctly, it also needs to be installed per code and kept up to date.

Our dedicated teams of Long Island duct engineers are always on hand to help with these very issues. Whether you just want a routine inspection, have questions, or feel that something is wrong with your system, we are on hand to help. You simply do not want to put the problem off.

Common Signs And Symptoms Of Malfunctioning Duct:

The best approach to any home maintenance task is to always stay ahead of it. Know everything you possibly can about your home. It’ll serve you longer and better. That said, you still need to keep a vigilant eye for potential problems. Here are some common occurrences that you can expect when ducts are malfunctioning or damaged.

  • Stuffier than normal climates in certain rooms
  • Dusty vents
  • Must smells
  • Much higher than normal humidity in certain areas
  • Much higher energy bills
  • Having a harder time breathing
  • Large temperatures and airflow variations

Duct Repair And Replacement You Can Count On

Whether dealing with your heating and air unit or tackling duct problems, it is essential to hire qualified, capable experts. Along with yearly continued education and years of previous experience, our techs are some of the most experienced and qualified in the industry.

In addition to that, we ensure they always have the newest, most advanced tools to serve you. Continuing education and technology are things we heavily believe in. Although duct theory has been around for decades, the technology in the field is constantly evolving.

We make sure our techs are always up on the latest and greatest because it will likely only allow us to serve you better or more conveniently. And then there are the local building codes that need to be considered. These codes are instituted for specific reasons and following them in Long Island and surrounding areas is crucial.

Our duct techs are always up to date on the latest building codes. Our highly trained professionals will get in your home and work with the utmost precision possible. Whether it is working around your schedule or tackling a large repair in one day, we want to do whatever is necessary to disrupt your daily routines as much as possible.

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