North Woodmere  

North Woodmere is an unincorporated hamlet in the Town of Hempstead, located in far western Nassau County on the South Shore of Long Island City, New York City, in the Town of Hempstead. North Woodmere is directly north of Woodmere but separated from it by Motts Creek. Access to Woodmere is available via Branch Boulevard, Brookfield Road, and a footbridge over the creek. Unlike Woodmere, North Woodmere is not part of the Five Towns, which consists of the villages of Lawrence and Cedarhurst, the hamlets of Hewlett, Inwood, and Woodmere.

Hungry Harbor Road in Long Island City is the main east-west route through North Woodmere, connecting with Branch Boulevard (to Cedarhurst) and Brookfield-Rosedale Road (to Valley Stream). Park Lane provides access to upper Rosedale Road and, from there, to Francis Lewis Boulevard, Sunrise Highway, and the Belt Parkway and Cross Island Parkway junction.


North Woodmere houses many residents with advanced degrees and higher educational attainment. Many residents attend four-year colleges and professional schools after that. There is an academic culture throughout the town.


A shopping mall is located on Rosedale Road, Long Island City, NYC. A former shopping center on Hungry Harbor Road became an assisted living center.  The community is home to North Woodmere Park, a Nassau County park. The park includes a pool complex, a playground, a nine-hole golf course, a lighted driving range, and a fishing area.


North Woodmere is home to several synagogues, including Congregation Ohr Torah, Young Israel of North Woodmere, Beis Haknesses of North Woodmere, Temple Hillel, Kehillas Bnei Hayeshivos, and Khal Lev Avos. In 1984, Ronald Reagan addressed Temple Hillel.

Notable Residents

  • Bruce Blakeman, first presiding officer of Nassau County.
  • David M. Friedman, U.S. ambassador to Israel
  • Jeffrey M. Friedman, discoverer of Leptin
  • Martin Heit, inventor of the whiteboard Top HVAC Long Island
  • Esther Jungreis (1936-2016) – founder of Hineni
  • Wendy Kaufman, spokesperson for Snapple and TV personality
  • Norm Kent, past president of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws NORML, radio host, publisher
  • Seth Rudetsky, composer, musical director, and talk show host.
  • Steve Spinner, founder of Sports Potential, adviser to Obama campaign, Department of Energy official.

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