Why Won’t My Blower Turn On?

When you try to turn on your furnace, there is a risk that something bad is going to happen. Something inside the unit may malfunction. If this happens, you must work swiftly to troubleshoot the problem. First, you must identify the source of the problem. Then, you’ll need to fix the problem. While this sounds like an easy process, it’ll be harder than you could ever imagine. In some cases, the blower will not turn on. As you’ve likely already guessed, the blower is responsible for blowing air from the furnace into your home. Unfortunately, it is common for consumers to experience problems with their air handlers. If your blower isn’t working, it could be a number of problems. The possible issues will be explored in greater detail below.

Dead Motor

The motor is responsible for turning the fan and blowing the air into your home. The motor is powerful because it has to push air throughout your home. When you turn on your furnace, the motor will work hard to push the warm air into your rooms. It takes a lot of power to force the warm air to reach the rooms furthest from your air handler. To minimize the risk, it is wise to properly maintain and lubricate the motor. However, there is always a chance that the motor is going to burn out. After all, it only has a short lifespan. Once this happens, you need to replace the motor. Contact a professional HVAC technician in your area. They can help you determine whether the motor has malfunctioned. If it has, they’ll replace it for you right away.


You may also experience an electrical shortage. Your air handler includes many components. Some of them require electricity. Even if you have a gas furnace, your furnace requires electricity to operate. If you experience an electrical shortage, the furnace likely won’t work. You’ll need to identify what is causing the shortage so you can rectify it immediately. The shortage might be near the air handler or the thermostat. Again, it is often wise to work with a professional. They have experience finding and resolving electrical issues.

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