Common Causes Of Furnace Repairs

You need to make sure that your furnace is working flawlessly before winter arrives. Otherwise, you may experience frigid temperatures in your home. You can always huddle around a space heater with your loved ones, but you need your furnace to stay comfortable in your home. When something happens, there is a good chance that the problem can be pinpointed easier. Some of the most common furnace issues are caused by problematic thermocouples and dirty air filters. More about these things can be found below.

Air Filters

Although it is a small component, your air filter is very important. It is one of the most important parts of your furnace. The air filter is placed in the air handler. It is designed to help prevent dirt, dust, and debris from entering your system. If you don’t clean your furnace equipment, there will be a higher risk that something is going to malfunction. It’ll be harder for the furnace to blow warm air into your home when the opening is clogged. Typically, it is a good idea to clean your system at least once every three months. However, it is better to clean it once a month. Doing so will help ensure that the air being blown into your home is clean. Furthermore, a clean system is going to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Thermocouple Issues

Many furnaces stop working because the thermocouple is malfunctioning. It is a type of sensor that ensures that the pilot light is burning. The long metal wire has one end placed near the pilot light. As for the other, it will be connected to the system’s gas valve. Once the pilot light is on, it will cause the thermocouple to deliver an electric current that will cause the gas valve to open. If the pilot light goes off, the current will stop and the valve will close. Suffice to say, the thermocouple is an important component. The safety feature guarantees that the HVAC system is not flooding your home with gas. If you’re dealing with a faulty thermocouple, it has likely stopped producing an electrical current. As a result, it is no longer able to open the valve and allow gas to be released. Instead, the pilot light will come on only for it to be smothered in seconds. It is hard to know when the thermocouple is going to stop work. Instead, you’ll have to be ready to replace it when it malfunctions. Call our office to get started.

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